HP Connected Photo

Powered by Snapfish and help users editing, share, manage and print photos online.


HP Connected Photo allows you to connect to your photos, regardless of where you put them.Mobile Sync makes getting your mobile photos to your PC a snap! Simple editing tools allow you to be creative, even if you don’t have a degree in Graphic Design. You choose how you want to share your creativity… via email, social networks, or physical products. HP Connected Photo is the place for you to Connect, Create and Share your most valuable memories, regardless of where you store your photos, where you are, or how you share.


Develop a Windows 8 Metro application that enables customers to connect, engage and create with their photos using Snapfish as a bridge between PC and mobile devices. To achieve this we will add image edit functionality, mobile sync service, sharing using metro contracts, and the ability to order prints for retail pick-up (US and AUZ only).

    Mobile UX/UI, Windows App, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping
  • Released:
    24 June 2012
  • MY ROLE:
    UX/UI Design Lead, All the UX and UI designs

Personas and Customers needs

Consumers have several different storage and management choices they can pick from, but many do not understand the benefits and vulnerabilities of the various options. What most consumers do today is simply store their digital camera photo files on their PC and their camera phone photos on their phone, and these files are taking up more and more space while being vulnerable to potential hardware failures that could result in photos being lost forever. Consumers who wish to truly safeguard their photos for future retrieval and sharing must have a plan in place for the storage and management of their digital files that includes more than one storage method. This could be a mixture of prints as well as using an external hard drive or Cloud backup and storage. There is no single method available today that is completely safe, so using multiple storage and management methods is the only way to ensure that photos will be accessible in the future. Many consumers still need to be educated on this topic by the vendors and retailers that are in this market.


With these findings in mind, we started our second research cycle. The goal of this cycle was to produce a set of potential product concepts informed both by our findings as well as initial rounds of user testing. While exploratory research had identified general breakdowns and opportunities, we needed to put actual product concepts in front of users to gain a better understanding of whether the need was genuine, and whether the solution was sufficient. We started by brainstorming solutions that would address the needs identified in our findings. Next, we researched their features to identify areas of high potential. Finally, we developed product concepts that contained the highest-potential features and evaluated them with quick-cycle user research.


Inspired by our key findings from exploratory research, we generated dozens of potential design solutions.While we initially brainstormed product concepts individually. We found that many more solutions were discoverd in listening to each other present.

Innovation design on edit photo wheel editing

For fixing the problems about that users can not reach to the eadge area of screen when they are in edit module based on traditional bottom menu bar, we did some userbility test and innovation design improvement of this.

Visual Design

We created a simple storyboard to illustrate their ideas of feature for the app.

Material Design

The interface design begins with quick sketches of the key interaction to illustrate user experience. We had several iterations of the paper prototypes within the group. It helped us consolidate the initial conception and communicate within the team One key challenge was how to simplify the user's process of binding cards and allow users to quickly complete payment. Our solution is to allow the user to bind bank card when registering, so that the task can be completed in such an express scenario in convenience stores.