Gardian Grow Manager

Fully automated intelligence guarantees that nutrient dosage is consistent and applied perfectly with every irrigation cycle. The Guardian constantly senses, doses, tracks, and analyzes your entire grow operation to your specifications.

  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Front-end Coding

Fully Reactive - Webiste based and cross OS platforms adaptation

Software automation keeps users operating at the peak level of performance 24/7. This software adapt to Web, Mobile and Tablet, it automates grow operation so users can connect or manage grow from anywhere.. AEtrium System aeroponic hydroponic technology delivers 40% more yield when compared with plants grown in soil. The Guardian Grow Manager software automation guarantees users results.

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Design a professional and easy to understand UX

Starting from brainstorming a bunch of ideas, we moved forward to analysis and evaluation based on the perpetual Growth Cycle analysis , which is a well-received to design and evaluate our indoor smart greenhouse softwares.