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Product Design

A senior product designer, UX/UI, HCI and visual design leader with information engineering and art design background, and 10+ years of combined experience in blockchain, game, payment, IoT, AI software, LBS, eCommerce.

Inventor of 4 patents in product design solutions. Author/ Editor of 7 National Journal and books in HCI/UX design. UX Examiner of UNITAR. Gold judge of 3 design contests for 2 years.

Good experience in Agile and Lean UX methodologies, and cross-OS platforms in WEB, WAP, IOS, Android, WebOS, Windows etc.

Partner with Steven C. Huang for Vision Theory boutique design studio. Steven is also an award-winning designer who worked for Google, Apple, etc. and an entrepreneur-at-heart.

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Working Process &

  • Product Discovery Understand people’s pains and needs. Choose a group to be the target audience and get to know them a bit by doing some research.

  • Team Together Sharing Share the findings and do competitor analysis, organize stakeholder buy-in, and get everyone working on the product on the same page.

  • Brainstorm and Innovation Figure out product strategy and features. Search features which will solve problems, and fit them into product strategy and market.

  • Prototype and IterateGet feedback from user tests and iterate on the prototype until it works in the hands of users.